If I Die

All people are mortal.
Socrates is a man.
Therefore, Socrates is mortal.

According to The Population Reference Bureau, over the entire history of mankind, about 108 billion representatives of Homo sapiens were born on Earth. While the current population of the Earth is about 7.5 billion, that is about 7 percent of all people ever living.

Thus, only 93 percent of all people died.

Of course, this data are not enough to conclude that all people are mortal. Therefore, it is likely that I will be more fortunate than Socrates, and the bowl with the hemlock will bypass me. Influenced by these positive thoughts, I call the fast “If I Die”, not “When I Die”. Let this cup pass from me.

But seriously now.

If I die, under no circumstances bury me in the ground. Please, no coffins, pits, gravestones and flowers. There is no need to dress me in beautiful clothes, to parade me in an open coffin and take turns talking about me.

It is best to burn me (but only after death!). Throw my ashes into a burial urn, and then scatter in some beautiful place. Bonus points if it's a place that was meaningful for me during my life, for example, October bridge in Krasnoyarsk. But any beautiful place would work. You can use this moment to reflect on what I meant in your life. But after this little ceremony, leave me in the past and go and live a full, fulfilling life.

If I die, give all my savings and valuables to my parents and sister - they need them more than my friends. If I have not helped someone during my life, then I would not help them after my death as well.

If I die, all my notes and personal belongings must also be burned. No need to read my diaries, no need to look at my mathematical notes, where I am so ridiculously mistaken in my calculations and write nonsense on narrow margins. If I wanted to make something public, I would have made it public.

And I also ask you to delete all kinds of accounts on social networks, personal correspondence and all sorts of files. For example, you can fill a form for Instagram, https://help.instagram.com/contact/1474899482730688. Likewise with other social networks. I don't need online graves.

If I die, know:

I apologize to everyone I once could offend.
I forgive everyone I once could bear evil against.
If I said I loved you, I really loved you.
I am grateful to everyone who was with me and made my life brighter.

If I die, but you still have questions to me - ask my friends, I have always been sincere with them. They understand me well. There are reasons why they are my friends after all.

Ultimately, I wanted to live a happy life and make people around me happy. Sometimes I did a good job, sometimes it could have been better, but my intentions were always the best. That is why the pavement on my last road will be so beautiful.

Oh, yes, if I die, then I will die an atheist. I have never followed religious practices and have never associated myself with any of the religious denominations. I don't mind going to hell for each of the many religions, so don't worry about me. Worry about yourself :)