Slava Naprienko

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Last updates: new version of How I fell in Love with Math, preprint on Combinatorics of Iwahori Whittaker functions.

math (CV)

I am a PhD student in Mathematics at Stanford University. I work under the guidance of Daniel Bump on the representation theory of p-adic groups, algebraic combinatorics, and solvable lattice models.

I am a 2018 recipient of the Stanford Graduate Fellowship (the William R. Hewlett Fellow). The program was initiated by Gerhard Casper, then President of Stanford University, and is designed to support the University's commitment to attracting the very best graduate students while reducing its dependence on federal funding for PhD training.


expository papers


I am a 2021 recipient of the Robert Osserman Teaching Award. Established in 2019 and named in honor of Robert Osserman, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford from 1955 to 1990, this award honors PhD students for outstanding contributions as a TA.

See my CV for all of my teaching experience.

solvable lattice models seminar

I organize a weekly seminar about solvable lattice models and their applications in the representation theory of p-adic groups, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, probability, and many other fields.

We meet on Tuesdays at 2 pm PT (Pacific Time). Videos from the seminar are available on YouTube. See the seminar website for the list of speakers, announcements, notes, video recordings, and other supplementary materials.


I created Thuses — an online publishing platform for mathematicians.

On Thuses, you can publish and discuss ideas of interest to the mathematical community. Thuses is a perfect place to share new approaches, slick proofs, and surprising counterexamples. A place for “folklore results” that are considered known but don’t actually exist in literature. A place for everything in math that just has to be shared.

We envision Thuses as a lounge in a math department, where graduate students and faculty members discuss math in front of huge blackboards. And more often than not, interesting things come up: a take on a recent arXiv paper, a “kinda known” calculation that isn’t written down anywhere, or just a desire to share what you learn with others. That’s what happens when you’re excited about math.

Thuses is the place to share your excitement.

Read more about Thuses and help us to grow.


Azat Miftakhov

I created the website to support Azat Miftakhov, a mathematician and graduate student of Moscow State University, who got arrested for six years without a clear reason. It is declared that Azat has been framed by the Russian government as a result of his anarchist views.

For recent updates, follow the website created by the Azat Miftakhov committee.