Slava Naprienko

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I am a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at Stanford University. I work under the guidance of Daniel Bump on the exactly solvable lattice models, algebraic combinatorics, and the representation theory of p-adic groups.

I am in my fifth year, and I will be in the job market in the Fall of 2022.

I am a 2018 recipient of the Stanford Graduate Fellowship (the William R. Hewlett Fellow). The program was initiated by Gerhard Casper, then President of Stanford University, and is designed to support the University's commitment to attracting the very best graduate students while reducing its dependence on federal funding for PhD training.


At the moment, I work a lot on the exactly solvable lattice models: I find new solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation, study their properties, and compute the partition functions of the integrable lattice models, which have applications in algebraic combinatorics and symmetric functions.

I will be happy to give a talk at a seminar or conference!



  1. Free-fermionic Schur functions
    video recording, notes
  2. Colored Bosonic Lattice Models and Matrix Coefficients, with Daniel Bump
    video recording, notes
  3. Integrability of the Six-Vertex model and the Yang-Baxter Groupoid
    video recording, notes
  4. Enrichment Score: a better quantitative metric for evaluating the enrichment capacity of molecular docking models, with Ian Scott Knight
  5. Combinatorics of Iwahori Whittaker Functions
    video recording, notes
  6. A convergent 1/n-expansion for GSE and GOE
  7. An approach to define the resultant of two entire functions, with Alexander M. Kytmanov
    Complex variables and elliptic equations 62.2 (2017): 269-286

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Solvable Lattice Models Seminar

I organize a weekly seminar on the exactly solvable lattice models. The topics of the seminar varies from general integrability to the applications in the representation theory of p-adic groups, quantum groups, algebraic combinatorics, special functions, combinatorics, and probability.

We meet on Wednesdays at 4 pm PT (Pacific Time). See the seminar website for the list of speakers, announcements, notes, video recordings, and other supplementary materials. Videos from the seminar are also available on YouTube.


Recent talks


I am a 2021 recipient of the Robert Osserman Teaching Award. Established in 2019 and named in honor of Robert Osserman, Professor of Mathematics at Stanford from 1955 to 1990, this award honors PhD students for outstanding contributions as a TA.

My recent teaching experience: