Slava Naprienko

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I am currently a postdoc in mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I got my Ph.D degree in Mathematics at Stanford University in 2023, working with Daniel Bump.

My main research interest is algebraic combinatorics — I study structures that arise in mathematical physics, integrable lattice models, affine flag varieties, representation theory of p-adic groups, and theory of symmetric functions.

I will be happy to give a talk at a seminar or conference!

  1. Free-fermionic Schur functions: arXiv, video, notes, Advances in Mathematics 436:109413, arXiv:2301.12110
  2. Colored Bosonic Lattice Models and Matrix Coefficients, with Daniel Bump: arXiv, video, notes
  3. Integrability of the Six-Vertex model and the Yang-Baxter Groupoid: arXiv, video, notes
  4. Enrichment Score: a better quantitative metric for evaluating the enrichment capacity of molecular docking models, with Ian Scott Knight: arXiv
  5. Combinatorics of Iwahori Whittaker Functions: arXiv, video, notes
  6. A convergent 1/n-expansion for GSE and GOE: arXiv
  7. An approach to define the resultant of two entire functions, with Alexander M. Kytmanov: Complex variables and elliptic equations 62.2 (2017): 269-286
Recent talks Physically Inspired Math Seminar

I am a co-organizer of a seminar about physically inspired math at the UNC at Chapel Hill.

Solvable Lattice Models Seminar

In 2021-2022, I organized a weekly seminar on the exactly solvable lattice models. Videos from the seminar are available on YouTube.